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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

dudes, here are a few new doo's. tammy and i went to stay with a buddy in san francisco this weedend and i was able to go to the olifar eliasson show at the moma which was awesome. there was also a little gallery with devendra banhardt and paul klee drawings side by side which had alot of magic to it. the eliasson show was, dare i say, transcendent. you lost yourself in a few of the installations. wow. we also played parchesee which i had forgotten that the board is out of sight and worthy of me painting one. pictures later.
here are a few jammers i did over the weekend. i have been increasingly interested in achieving considerate, peaceful balance in my art making. i have begun to figure that my life is mad enough without bringing chaos into my art making. this should be my peace zone. even though i use many shapes and colors, there is still a sense of balance that is happening and hopefully some peace making.
i think that my whole artistic project is veering away from adding to the objective visual chaos and veering twords something (hopefully) more nourishing to the soul and brain. we'll see.

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