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Thursday, November 8, 2007

my new project

My new project is thusly. A thing that i really enjoy about making art is having it end up in peoples living spaces or work spaces. Being a painter, i feel really isolated some times by the nature of the art that i produce (it gets lonely in the studio). But when someone puts a piece in their space it becomes part of the social fabric or social, brain, visual, conversation lubrication. It's my way of communicating and starting conversations with my pictures.
As a way to do this more effectively and to start a small new social project i propose the following:
for a fee of $80 a year, or $20 for those who want to give it a 3 month trial, i will send, at the beginning of every month, some original art. Every month will be different, but you will be guaranteed to get a piece or two or three of art in the mail.
$80=1 year of monthly art sent to you ($7ish a month).
$20=3 months of monthly art sent to you ($7ish a month).
If this art social experiment can spread out enough I will use this piece as part of a show that i am proposing to the gallery that I show with, Taylor de Cordoba in Culver City ( so a part of my show will be the art i send you displayed and all of my subscribers will have their names included in the piece.
Email me ( with any questions or to subscribe to the ryan callis monthly mail art club.
The two pieces above are the first pieces you will get, a "treepreacher" l-print, and an "it's o.k." countdown screen print on watercolor paper (the lines around count down 10,9, the center which reminds you it's o.k., kind of a stress reliever).
You can also do it as a Christmas present for someone else. Go to to purchase membership under the product Ryan Art of the Month Club. Woooord.

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