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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Holy Crap, i was on the cover of the l.a. times "art" section today

Uh, whoa, Christopher Knight, head art critic of the LA Times, arguably the most important art critic in California, and one of the top 3 on the west coast with rockers Hickey and Pagel, an opinion whom I respect greatly, put me, ME, on his short list of 45 painters under 45 working in LA today. ME!!! That is huge. On a list with Steve Roden, Laura Owens, Jane Callister, Steve Roden, Steve Roden, and a host of other awesome painter painters who I am lucky to be on a list with. God has a good sense of humor because this morning I was literally cussing as I left the house to go to my studio after being there till 2 in the a.m. telling my wife, "what is the fucking point" kind of jive, just to have her come to the studio with the paper. Then I went back to work.
check it out on on the art and culture section under christopher knight's critics notebook section.

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