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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Peter Halley essays

So I have been reading most of Peter Halley's essays lately and especially for my painting pals out there it is good stuff. Especially his mid 90's to recent stuff as it is a little more whimsical and less postured. He wrote a rad essay on Piet Mondrian that I liked a lot and is easily found online (check his site for a few essays). He talks about Mondrians stasis in his practice (and Halley is the king of practice stasis) and as a 21st century boy I liked the almost monastic quality of finding an area of painting to be passionate enough about to mine out for years instead of being an a.d.d. painter (musician, writer, photographer, accountant, fill in you own blank) and following every hunch that comes to mind, although that is really fun. Hmmm, good stuff to ponder. I would encourage you to read some of his stuff.