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Monday, November 17, 2008

1 year super salon

(thanks for 2 pics Eric)

It was epic as advertised. These are my pre camera melt down pictures so they document the beginning 1/3rd of the event but here is the installation. Eric's swat van where we had a benefit art sale. Melinda did best selling 5 of 6 drawings, one to the contemporary curator of the LAM. Hobo Soul set up the Winni and cooked stew in the firepits. Dave Hill did Hobo Soul tee's (designed by Danny Simon) live with a sweet silk screening set up. It was a magic night. Hip kids smoked, moms drank white wine, kids got free stickers and tee's from Ryan's Delve surf label. He was (fucking) rad enough to make official Society of Interested Persons Salon tee's for free's. THANK YOU RYAN. (buy Delve products at Shelter Surf Shop in Long Beach). Dad spoke and showed art, Aaron Belz read great poetry (pictured above), H.S. lectured on hobo history and showed some films they have made and then the sweet tender sounds of Avi Buffalo ended the evening with awesomness. I had to supliment my not yet recieved later 2/3rds of salon documentation with Avi playing at Di Piaza's in LB. But they were great and got the police finally dispatched to our locale. The look on those cops' face was classic as I caught them coming in. WTF? looks on their faces as they looked into a packed boat yard with circus lights, a Winnebago, Eric's s.w.a.t. van with a blinking plastic Jesus on top, a row boat full of ice and beer, bondfires, and my dads pristine studio a glow and crowds of happy loving people hanging out. So much beauty it could make you cry. Thank you to all who made it and bummer for those who couldn't.
Below are mostly pre opening installation shots so you get a sense of the space.

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