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Thursday, November 27, 2008

a new and improved new jammer

so bear with me. the new and improved version on the right has a few new connection jams.


  1. Callis-
    How shall I say this? You're art... it is... so... so... So dull and boring I don't know what to do with myself. I feel as though you have tormented my eyes for the last 15 seconds I looked at your "art." That is if you can call it that. Something in my mind tells me that a four year old child could paint the "art" you put out.
    Days have gone by and all I have wanted to do was comment. You have become something of an addiction to me, well, only your egotistical presence along with your cocky hipster attitude. So I have a question for you... do you think you will be around in 10 years? I don't mean living, but I mean making real art. I don't think so. I feel that your boat sailed far before it was even built. You just don't get it. Life can't be viewed through some sort of Callis goggles. In fact the world is a better place because none of us have to view it through your eyes.

    I have seen more talent from the shapes I make with the shits I take.

    So here is some 4d art for you...
    Go fuck yourself.

  2. ouch jaser you savage (lispy s). hey i'm glad you got to play b-ball with us on Sat. Sorry about Anthony, that guy get's way too into it. next Sat.?
    (p.s. I didn't get the 4D part at the end.)