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Thursday, December 18, 2008

oranges and sardines is a go!!!

What a show. This show was sooo important for me to see. At the Hammer they asked a group of 6 abstract painters to pick like 10ish influencial artists/pieces that have fed their creative process, and then each gallery consisted of a piece by the artist, and then the 10ish pieces the artist chose. Amy Sillman, Mary Heilmann, and Christopher Wool, and Mark Grotjahn stoooked me out with their pieces and their choices. Seeing Wool with Picasso, Grotjahn with Mondrian, Heilmann with Hockney (YEAHHH), and Sillman with fucking Gustan. wowee. it was a fest for the brain and senses of a kid who loves picture making. It was unashamed painting for the most part. Grotjahn's piece hummed with a red glow of muscle geometeric paint that made me giddy and then to see a little Mondrian with magic edges within feet of his red bohemath, woooooo.


  1. Ryan Callis-
    You conceited, pompous, elitist jerk. I am not your friend, dear sir, and you have just made an enemy of me. It is ridiculous to look at your blog and read what you have to say about your art when no one else is giving you these elaborate applause's. Why are you even teaching? why are you even a person of instruction? You clearly are so conceited that you feel your art is the best. It is a shame to know that your personality is like your art, shallow and fulfilling. You have such potential, you have such power to be something unique and special. Instead you spend your time making a bunch of geometric hindu god's that display no more creativity than a ten year old. I am sorry Mr. Callis, but artist like you make me ill.

  2. Remember in elementary school when girls and boys would be all mean to each other when it was really love floating in the air that sparked these confused feelings.