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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

...and I said " It Is FInished".

Well dudes, for my friends and family who are so freaking sick of hearing about and looking at the body of work that is for my new painting show entitled "Are You Ready To Testify?", it is completed. The show will take place at Taylor de Cordoba gallery in Los Angeles beginning saturday night the 10th through Feb. 6th (the night of Seonna Hong's awesome group show that I am lucky to have been invited to be in). I have fully exercised the ideas behind this work and I feel really good about what came out. A combination of story telling, celebrating, and good ol' fashion testifyin', and a playing out of data=picture potental systems exploration. These paintings are making me smile. As much as they have to with a certain personal content and biography I really hope they come through as the historical nod to my painting fore-mothers and fore-fathers as I intend them to be. I really like the idea of carriying a new, personal trail off of what so many awesome painters and thinkers before me had blazed up untill my departure point. I think of these pieces as a continuation of a lineage of sorts, vs. being some kind of lame "originality" or "expressive" attempt on my part.
Come out and see the show. I hung it yesterday and it is SINGIIIIING.

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