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Friday, May 22, 2009

It's in the details....

Here are 6 new paintings (and a bitchen brand new 6' x 4' canvas that I finished stretching yesterday). I started off by systemitizing the phrase "love in the wild" which is a lyric from a Bill Callahan song. I like the phrase becuase it is a good challenge to meditate on. I am not as awesome of a lover as I am at being a judger so I figured if I made 6 paintings at the same time it might help me dwell on the idea for a while.
It was a challenge to attempt to divide all of the spaces equally to keep the paintings more or less identical and symmetrical which became a fun game. I used the same pallette and process for all of the pieces, just, obviously, different sized canvases, using the largest pieces as the template.
I've become really pre-occupied with the idea that my painting is a physical manifestation of me tracing time. Like these are the small monuments to how I spent the last 1 to 60 hours of my life while I worked on them (wether or not it was wasted time is a matter of taste and opinion). But that is becoming the idea behind my practice. Using my favorite art medium to trace time that goes by quickly. Thinking in these terms is good for my soul and makes me at peace with this otherwise time consuming and monastic persuit.


  1. Thanks David John and I'm glad you commented because I enjoy your blogs.

  2. Oh and if you want one, you can have one. I have more paintings than storage space.