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Friday, May 1, 2009

Torrance Art Museum

So the reason I have been spotty on posting on my blog and spotty in life in gerneral is due to mine and Max Presneill's (former director at Mark Moore Gallery, and Raid Projects) recent hire at the Torrance Art Museum ( We were basically given the post Kristina Newhouse developed, in the sense that she moved on and left an open calender for Max and myself to develop exhibitions and programming. Do you know how exciting it is to inherit a museum? HUH?

So we have been shagging ass to develop our next 2 years here and what is shaping up is biiiitchen.

In the next 2 months before Max's kick off show we will do the following events:

12 Gauge

3 day solo shows in our North gallery

May 7-9 Quinten Bemiller

May 28-30 Josh Peters

June 4-6 Claudia Parducci

June 11-13 Justin Bower

June 18-20 Mary Anna Pomonis

June 25-27 Jaime Shonick

And June 13 we will kick off our monthly film night with Doug Harvey, artist/critic/curator and Lee Lynch. Then on August 6 we will kick off our Society of Interested Persons salon at the museum with (pictured painting) Andy Kolar (, Barrett Johnson on tunes and LA art collector and author Judy Spence. We have a lot more in the works so I'll keep updating.

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