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Friday, December 18, 2009

Mark Dutcher (and a long hiatious)

Oh my sweet, sweet blog, it has been a long while of painting, kids, and work, work, work.
So I ran across an image (the gold x) on You Have Been Here Sometime (awesome blog) and it inspired me to do a post on Mark Dutcher who is a painter that I get so fired up about. Mark has a piece in this month's show at my gallery and he was included in our Rant show a few months ago. I love looking at what this guy makes. He's been painting for years (I liken him to a Chris Martin type who was always making work that people are just catching up to). Color, shape, generosity, not giving a crap-ness but in an honest non ironic way. Mmm, Mmm. See more of Marks work at (the green painting image is courtesy of TRYHARDER who did covered the opening of our most recent show that Mark is a part of.)

1 comment:

  1. i need to go check your show out..

    is it over yet?

    i'd love to do a piece on my blog about it.