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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Choir hits the 'Ho pt. 1

The students at NNU were amazing and did so much of the work. I brought the original drawings (view previous posts) which I turned into transperancies. I literaly brought 6 drawings and the below happened. It was magic. These kids went nuts. Monday and Tues. were spent finishing my "templates" which was basically filling in the pictures to the point that I had furthest conceptualized them, and then we all collaborated for 2 more days, which both went into the morning, to finish them out. New Grizzly Bear, Beach House, Atlas Sound, about 40 pots of coffee, and a ton of tacos helped fuel the funk.

The bottom two pictures are of a sub-concious art connection with one of my drawings, which Chris had pointed out, and the bottom picture was post a night of rooftop cigarettes, early morning painting, a couple of hours of sleep, and a snowstorm. It was an unforgettable time and Andrew, of my hosts, Andrew and Amanda, sent me home with an IPod full of new tunes which made for a killer flight. Woooord.

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