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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

10 points from Agnes Martin that art critic Jerry Saltz posted yesterday on his Facebook page.

1. Don’t be so hard on yourself and be ruthless too.
2. Don’t make excuses.
3. Don’t explain.
4. Don’t justify.
5.Do what you need to do.
6.Ordinary Happiness is the kind of happiness I’m talking to you about. The wild kind of happiness comes and goes. It rolls in and out like a storm. Ordinary Happiness has staying power.
7.What matters is that you write. What matters is that you show up and wait to see what shows up to meet you.
8.I once sat still every day for three months waiting for an inspiration to arrive. Three months. Every day I waited. Still. Silent. I didn’t know if it would come or not. I didn’t have faith that it would come or not. It was my job to sit and wait. It came and I painted again. But I might not have. And that’s not the point – whether I ended up painting again or not – the point is that I knew what my job was. So: I did it.
9.Spend more time in silence.
10.Walk more. While you can.