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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Friends, Family, Lookers On, Latchers On!!!!

If you’ve ever wanted to own a Ryan Callis original piece of art, HERE’S YOUR CHANCE!

My good friend Mike Wunderley is getting married and his bachelor party is upcoming.  
It is very important to me that I go and celebrate Mike’s wise decision to marry Ruth.
He’s an awesome dude, who has been a good buddy for many years now, so I’ve gotz to make this happen...I love this guy.

But I made the financial mistake of having many kids and pursuing the visual arts for a living so I need to fundraise in order to be able to make this bachelor weekend.

So I propose that I will sell any painting on my website, for the price of the trip which is $250.  That’s right folks, any painting, any size, a meeeeezly $250.  Visit and prowl and see what grabs your eyeballs.

I want you to look at Miike’s face in that photo, and imagine him not having me at his bachelor celebration……..As a bonus gift, we’ll make the purchaser an original piece of art, on location in Catalina…..

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