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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

our 3rd saturday salon

poet chris davidson and myself got the bright idea last month to cross polinate our insulated worlds and create an evening of literature, art, music, and a roaming lecturer of interest which this month was sociologist and author dick flory talking about the post modern metropolis (la, tijuana, las vegas). dude and barrett johnson played music which was super epic and beautiful. the art of mike hernandez and the poetry reading were great too. we had over 50 friends, neighbor, and interested persons packed into chris' tiny beach bungalow and it was a scene out of a kerouac novel. so good for the soul. this is a thing about making art that i love, the creation of social settings. we will have the next one on the 3rd sat. of jan so i will post for those interested. like a good old fashion kaprow happening i take no documentation, but just relish in the memories of a life changing night (not unlike the broadlind happening).

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