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Tuesday, November 20, 2007


i am getting all back into like, basic design jamming. primary colors and shapes and getting clean and honest. i know i had refered to that in a post below but as i keep going i am digging the return to basics. i like the way these turned out. i also, conceptually, like that they are somewhat ordered, but still create a good amount of visual tension.
in other news i washed a mans feet at church on sunday as part of communion which i had never done before.
lastly i am in between classes right now and have to go teach more. we are doing video art right now which is tough because students view the world through movies and music videos so to try to get them to think outside of that is tricky.
Also I assigned them a reading out of a really beautiful book that a grad school buddy let me borrow and I have been re reading and loving. It is John Berger, The Shape of a Pocket. Art, economics, awesome writing and stories, and some good life philosophy.

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