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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Brother Chris' eatery

sorry for the lack of art posts lately for the 2 or 3 of you who check. i've been busy working but nothing is done yet. i also have been on a kick of reading contemporary biographies lately. i just finished the glass castle by jeannette walls, which was amazing, and am now reading into the wild. i don't usually read these sorts of books but yeeeah, i'm glad i have been. good stories of eccentric lives.
also i just put up some paintings at my buddy chris roman's resteraunt in newport last week. he just moved from new york where he was a fancy pants chef at his fancy pants resteraunt and he moved here and bought bay burger at the fun zone and fancified it. the food is awesome and the interior is nice with alot of dark wood, and BAM, it's nicer now with a bunch of my paintings in it. have lunch there, and go across and take a bay tour with my best pal Earl at the balboa boat company, it's very entertaining and it's the newport boat parade right now.

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  1. 'Twas a great time, Ryan! Thank you for feeding us well, Chris and the kitchen at Bay Burger.