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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


this saturday's salon was really cool. about 50 folks crowded into chris' house. evan showed some nice paintings and his recent project has included making a ton of feather beards which he brought as ice breakers. chris' lady friend simone played really beautifully written songs and had a lovely voice. james postponed untill next month so john anderson whom i teach with at Biola gave a lecture on spatial/philosophical transitions vis a vis painting over the last 1000 years which was super thought provoking. good stuff. james will do March and one of my favorite painters Brad Eberhardt is going to be the artist and I think Barrett's buddy Johnny who is a great singer/songwriter will play. so it should be great and i'll keep my loyal 2 readers up to date as it gets closer.
p.s. evan's band madeline flash and brad's band wounded lion, both of which are truly amazing live shows are playing in l.a. in feb so i'll post info on that and i encourage you to go see both.