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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I am reading my Bible a lot more and have been super stoked at what that has been doing in my life. It is amazing what happens when I can actually put down all of my shiny, distracting, bits of distraction and focus on the Lord how quick His grace re takes over my life. It has been awesome. Bird is doing super well and talking really well and exerting a new wave of creativity and adventure that makes me reel with excitement at the beauty that that creature exudes. Earl has got me out surfing a lot more lately which I appreciate. The studio feels really good right now and I have been really productive and will have updates soon. Lastly Tammy and I are just got tickets to see David Hockney's stage production of Wagner's opera version of Tristan and Isolde which we are stoked about. I especially because David Hockney is my all time favorite picture maker and he does a mean stage design. Word. Po' folks at the opera.

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