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Thursday, March 6, 2008

Eric's Salton Sea Adventure

Well it's been a long time blogospherists. Eric Trine orchestrated an amazing field trip to the Salton Sea 2 weekends ago. A bunch of artistic kids, eating, drinking, philosophizing, talking about God, life, art, etc. Then we went on a huge Exoduslike hike, found an old pool at an old yacht club and skated and drew all over the building with paint and paint pens. The Salton Sea is 200 ft. below sea level which makes a new kind of atmosphere so when I woke up at night and saw a full moon Mars night swirling with rain and clouds and dust I almost had a shit. Thanks Eric. Awesome desert epicness. Vern recorded a lot of it on 8mm so check out and see if he has posted footage.

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