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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Salon 4

Well I have decided to stop taking pictures of the salon for if you don't come, you miss out. It was really, really great. Merion Estes brought new works on paper and ran us through her site and talked about her work which was really special to have someone of her talent, and history do our humble salon. We had some amazing mandolin playing which stole the show. Eric Trine parked the s.w.a.t. van out front and set up a whole installation inside the van and out into the yard which was bitchin'. Aimee Bender read a short story that she had just finished which was really well written and funny as are all her short stories (I suggest you spring the $15ish for her book of short stories on And the Rio Bravo played a really good set of rock tunes. I run out of awesome, terrific, special, super, type words but the 70ish people that were there can vouch for how the salon went. It continues to be a very generous and special event and more people come and it gets better as we go. Come in July.

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