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Friday, July 18, 2008

New action week

I never knew how sweet not working and just being in the studio could be. It is. Exploration instead of late night pressured exploration. YES. On Wednesday night I went to Brad Eberhard's first installment of his apocalypse film club at Sea & Space exploration gallery which will happen next Wed. and the Wed. after. We watched Time of the Wolf by Frenchie Michael Haneke which was powerful and beautiful and haunting. Then Brad lightened it up with Panic in the Year Zero which starred Frankie Avalon and had some classic street toughs as the antagonists. I highly suggest seeing both of the films. Also look up the gallery site as it is a CalArts alumni co-op space which does cool things. Good stuff and a great idea for an evening. I also took Bird out surfing for the first time which she was sort of into but mostly wanted to collect shells.
In a world of far too much self reflective life documentation I struggle with whether or not to document this season of unemployed art magic, but I think I will. Less for you guys and maybe for my own recording good.

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