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Monday, August 4, 2008

I've been really into this idea of composing and constructing my pictoral explorations into symmetrical formations and it has become really fun and fruitful. A new challenge. I like the idea of them becoming a "truth" in and of themselves. A truth in that it is what it is and it is congruent and it has a consistency and can be checked against itself. Even if the symmetry is a little wonky, it is still a truth in it's imperfection. I like making little true-isms. It feels good to the soul and as I keep finishing these moments of abstract truths I visually like them a lot. They are subtle little truths like college ruled paper or the temperature setting on an electric blanket. Subtle, yet nice to have in the world.
In other news wounded lion is playing on friday night at High Energy Constructs in Chinatown. They are an awesome band worthy of an evening of your time.
Also the surfing was great this last week suckas so if you missed the 3ft. overhead days, you missed out.

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