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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Direction for January

So I did this show with Mike Hernandez at the old Black Boxx loft in '06 where all of my paintings connected to create this grand narrative. It was really fun because it brought all of my paintings into this awesome harmonious almost cinematic or time line type of conversation jam. So the good Lord gave me a crack through this week with a combo of a new metaphoric protagonist, and a way to use a whole body of abstract work into another conversation via the adventures of my new protagonist and those other pilgrims he encounters .
Fuck yeah. Good fun. Like an exquisite corpse.
My diver has been doing solo pieces too, but I like the connecting paintings. Fun in the sun.
David Pagel dropped me an Oscar Wilde quote once,(Eric and my few friends who've heard me use this way too many times, I apologize) that he who ends up with the most people around the campfire wins. I'm going to tell a new story for my show in January. I'm pretty stoked on my new story. I like stories. Stories.......................ablksjdfoiejfeflojwkkkkkkkkkkkk

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