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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I drew some underpants for a Barrett and Rico t-shirt project. huhuhuh.


  1. Nice. About underwear drawings, I gotta show you one collaborative collage drawing me and my nyc friends did. Quite "revealing".

  2. This I want to see. Add me to your blog if it's that kind of blog and if it's not you need to start a Sam blog.

  3. Ryan...would you be related to Chris Callis/Dunham/???

    I knew them years ago, and would love to make contact with Chris & find out how she is all years later! My name then was B e c k y P r o u t....

    eml: beckyac at pacbell dot net
    Thanx! ;o)

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  5. Yes ma'am that is my aunt. Her email is I'll pass along your message.