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Monday, September 1, 2008

Dudes it's September...

...and school is in session hosers. I am teaching 4-D design (art in time, space, and body) which is mostly new genre stuff. College kids are a good time. Although I wonder if I was as worried about getting a job as my students are. I don't think I gave too much of a shit, I just wanted to make art (my brief foray into being a psych major wasn't about job security, but my way of rebelling against my artist family: another story). But I know every generation thinks their rock bands were better than the current one's if you catch my drift. Regardless, I am struck at what pragmatists these 19-20 year olds are. Neo Conservatism for ya. They're serious business and it is my 3 month mission to fill them full of a sense of wonder, adventure, and a disdain for the burden of planning for the future. Art is a most bitchin of human endeavors. The artists job is to poke new holes in the sky my dad once told me. To make wild proposals and to see how others sort them out.
Here's a new painting.


  1. I didn't care that much about careers too when I was in college at UCR. Overachieving and new holes in the sky took too much of my time!

  2. That's why I like you so much. The world needs dreamers.