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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So I went sort of figurative for a minute and got into the idea of trying to use this image from this cover. I got amped on the image because I've been feeling "revelations" lately. Whether big or small I like to have a revelation reveal itself. I'm also reading through the book of Revelation right now. Plus with exploring the process of what I do revelation is a key, awesome result and ingredient. To have moments or ideas revealed completely outside of ones self is very beautiful and humbling. I like that the bonus of the image is that not only can it be ol' St. Pete opening up the pearly gates of ideas, insight, etc. but in this day and age of celebrity, "fabulousness" worship, it has a getting let into a club feel. Maybe in '08 revelation happens v.i.p. style. Plus it's funny that a loaded and stimulating image for me comes from the ultimate snack stand of ideas and an issue on religion. Not ironic, but funny circuit completion.
The paintings themselves, well everything that glitters can't be gold, but I like aspects of them.
I might have exercised this image.
Good surf today. Got barreled. I'm going to my studio.

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