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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Life skills and a work on paper...

The bird has learned to swim underwater whilst holding her breath. She's 2 keep in mind. We also made pancakes. Parenthood. Whoa.
Here's a new piece. Arches papier feels so good to make stuff on.
Do you like the Matta-Clark reference? It's the ol' "house devided."
I got re-stoked on Francis Alys after my lecture on performance via critique of post-capitalist, consumer present madness. I like his poetic approach to being political. Poetic and humble intelligent approaches. Gives me hope for political dialogue in a Sheperd Fairy, Fox News, in your face political yuck season. Obvious stuff and artist to like, but he had slipped out of art brain in the last year.


  1. ...i love this piece ryan. i'm engrossed in the pragmatics of testing right now, and it's refreshing to ponder this one for awhile. thanks.

  2. wooooooord Billy. I love the sentence "I'm engrossed in the pragmatics of testing right now." That has a roll to it.