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Thursday, May 14, 2009

New painting that I am stoked on...

Just finished this mammamamma last night. I'm still really excited about these systems that I am setting up and letting chance and intuition and experiment take over. I love what comes rolling out. This one is based off of a few systems set up by the fragment of the apostle Paul's talking about "God who has mercy.." and I have been reflecting on that bit of text while making this and it has been a killer experience and I think a good 5' x 8' painting came out of it. Plus I like the idea of turning what is stereotypicaly a vertical format for an abstract painting on it's side, literally. Horizontals are aqquainted with horizons in painting language, and I like the idea of a horizon of BAM. Woooord.
The picture with me in it is to give scale.

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