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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Next Salon, May 23

I am really excited about our next salon. Again it will be at the casa Davidson, 227 16th st. in Seal Beach from 7:30ish untill 10ish. Anyone is welcome and it has historically been really awesome.
One of the best teachers that I had the pleasure to have, Rafe Payne, will be lecturing on eco-tourism in Baja. He is a highly renowned marine biologist who knows Baja like the back of his hand. Next up will be a truly gifted and one of those super intelligent artists, CalArts grad student Zach Kleyn ( will talk about his new work. Poets Justin Rigamonti and Geneve Leone will grace us with their differing poetry styles, and lastly the rock stylings of The Good Luck Bear ( will close out the evening. Hope to see you there.

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