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Monday, June 1, 2009

June 13th in Long Beach.....

June 13th is the Long Beach "Tour d'Artistes", which my buddy Dan Rossiter has been so kind as to spur me into joining him in a show he is curating at the old Koo's space and a show that we are co-curating at Phantom Galleries. These shows will rule in case you were curious. I have asked pals Aragna Ker (, Devon Tsuno (, Macha Suzuki (, and Zach Kleyn (above work by these folks) to contribute work to the show I am curating with Dan. I, along with several other biiiitchen artists (like Eric Trine ( and Andy Ralph ( will be making some installation, object, and site specific (like my pieces) work for Dan's curatorial solo effort. And then if that was not rad enough, Summer Darling will play behind the old Acres of Books and my friend Sandy Yang is going to screen some of her video art on the back of Acres of Books, which by the way is right next to the Phantom Gallery space where Dan and my show will be. Wooooord.
Check out these folks' work and join us downtown in the LBC. I'll post addresses this week for the old Koo's bulding on Broadway and has the Phantom Gallery address.

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