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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I found these on my memory stick of my camera. Two of them I sent to my ol' buddy Greg when he moved to New York and one I gave to Max Presneill. At any rate I really liked making these and they were made in this really fucked up transitional time where I was kind of ape-ing Steve Roden's system of letters to inches and using that to create the structures and the moves. I was really not knowing how to fit it all together and then these clapping hands popped up and made it worse, but it all made so much sense I had to press through. I think my work now owes everything to this six months of hard won ground back in the winter of 07-08, and these three were part of the battle carnage. It was post grad school and I was figuring it out on my own but looking back I really like these.

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