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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Installation at Laguna Art Museum

This installation that I just finished will be a part of the "OsCene" at the Laguna Art Museum that will open on February 20th. Grace Kook-Anderson, the contemporary curator at LAM has done a kick ass job on this show and I am really excited to be sandwiched between Ali Smith, and Nobuhito Nishigawara, both of who's work I like a lot. Should be fun.

It has been a long time since I got all installational with my installation but this work is part of my new Look Up Gospel Choir project and the work all feeds into it. The "it's o.k." abstractions are the gospel songs and the figures are the choir members singing and shouting and clapping. The structures and moves of the abstract bits are all based on 6 and 12 which comes from the Morse Code translation of "it's o.k." 6 dots and 6 dashes. So all of the moves come in 6 and 12. It's really fun.

All of the moves come in a call and response to eachother which makes me think of Dan Grahams Rock My Religion and how much of the way I think comes from the "yeah....yeah" of old timey spirituals, gospel, jazz, rock, back and forth.

I liked hanging it low as well to get people to have to crouch and move and stand and crouch back down if they want to see it. Like the up and down of worship or church.

At any rate it was fun and I think that it looks good and I hope that a few new eyeballs see the work.

Also in Riviera Magazine they did profiles on a few of the artists in the show and likened my work to that found in Liz Armstrong's awesome 2007 show Birth of the Cool at OCMA which is awesome for me since the show included a few of my painting heroes (but they totally greened out my piece).

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